Life is Beautiful and So is The World Around Us.

But Do We do as Much for its Survival?



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   It Was Delightful


The Morning Sun Was Bright And Yellow,


I Found It Soothing To My Heart And Mind,


 As If It Greeted Me With A 'Hello'.


On The Onset of Winter, The Breeze Was Cool,


 The Pigeon Was Searching For Rice Grains, With Dazzling Eyes And Saying 


A  'Thank You', That Was Piercing Into My Soul.


But I Know, Our Future Generation May Not Get This View,


Our Parents Were Getting To See More Birds,


And We Are Finding Only A Few.


'Pollution' Takes Away Their Lives,


And Forces Some To Extinct,


Will Engulf All, First The Small Creatures,


Then The Humans In Future,


Not So Far And Not So Distinct.


Go Green


We can contribute in controlling the pollution


'Go Green' shold be our motto


Replacing all plastics by greens,


We can change the scenery where we want.


Consuming less products as much as possible, 


Sacrificing a lot of clothes, a lot of gadgets, limiting 


Them to purchase only if required, then something we can do.


We would throw away few toys to the earth and prevent garbage pling up,


Let's send less plastics ito the oceans and prevent dead whales frequently floating up.


If poisonous sea water can kill whales, what can it do to us,


Isn't that poison coming with rain water as showers, as allergies and skin infections?


These infections grw by years causing hazards to our lives,


Much more health issues will arise, this giant is going to kill us alike.


Going to the Moon and the Mars will stay i dreams forever,


If we do not carefor the Earth, it will stop caring for us.